Amazon Swim (Martin Strel)
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13). Monday, 18th July 2011, 03:56 (EST), Charla, XHlaYEhyf
What a great reosruce this text is.
12). Monday, 30th June 2008, 09:22 (EST), Barry Potts, England
A Throughly enjoyable and riverting read. You´ll find yourself willing him through each stroke esepcially as he nears the end of his journey. A great inspirational adventure that´ll have you dreaming of how can it be beat! !
11). Thursday, 13th March 2008, 13:43 (EST), Brita, Germany
Couldn´t stop reading
Following Martin Strels Swim down the Amazon by reading this tour diary is extremely exciting and personally motivating. Silently, mile by mile, it shows how anyone can go for his or her personal goals - and get there! May it be a swim, a sportive, adventurous or professional challenge. I also loved the descriptions of the changing moods and situations on the boat as well as the snapshots of the physical and psychological personal efforts of the supporting team. Last year I followed the swim on the internet and got more and more excited towards the end, being happy Martin survived. The book allowed me again to become a very excited, fear- and hopeful spectator. Big Thank you and Good luck for Martin and Mathew.
10). Sunday, 23rd December 2007, 10:04 (EST), L. Madsen, Wisconsin
This is your quintessential "page turner. " Despite being fully aware of how the story ends, I found my fingers glued to the book, just dying to know what would happen next. In addition to chronicling Strel´s astonishing athletic feet, Mohlke also allows the reader to voyeur his or her way onto the boat as we meet members of the crew and delve into small human dramas which unfold as they travel deeper into the deadly jungle, (I, too, can´t wait for the movie. ) All is written by an author who was masterfully able to marry articulacy with slang, and eloquence with wit. I loved it.
9). Sunday, 23rd December 2007, 09:39 (EST), C. Gasner, Wisconsin
inspiring glimpse at humanity
What Martin Strel did is unbelievable! This story is written beautifully to chronicle the journey through the jungle, as well as unveil the different sides of a man who seems incredibly human, yet not human, at the same time. The daily, journal style arrangement of this book has an easy, exciting flow and makes it near impossible to put down. I am exctied for the documentary "Big River Man" to come out, to put a face to all of the characters of the book! . . . . . Here´s to hoping that Martin´s dream of peace, clean water, and friendship will be realized.
8). Thursday, 29th November 2007, 19:32 (EST), Patty Hermann, USA
Absolutely Incredible Story!
From the very first page, you know you are in for the story of your life. It is overwhelming to even think of the logistics involved in this unprecedented level of accomplishment - and even more so that it was the grueling feat of a man who, in most walks of life, would be well past his atheletic prime. Author, Matthew Mohlke, brings the reader onto the expedition, the highs and the lows. And if it is Martin´s intent to remind the world of the need to preserve the beauty of our forests and rivers, he has accomplished just that with his passionate and unswerving devotion to this cause. In The Man Who Swam The Amazon, the authors share the danger and the beauty; taking the reader on a page-turning adventure that no script writer could ever improve upon. Thank you Martin and your whole incredible team for sharing all 3, 274 miles with us; I could have read a page for every mile.
7). Tuesday, 23rd October 2007, 01:34 (EST), John and Jo Pouchnik, USA
Matt and Martin:
What an exceptional and wonderful book! It was spellbinding, and I couldn´t put it down. As others have said, I followed the daily blog, but the book took me to a different level; I was there with you guys. I am truly glad we got to know you on the Mississippi. Martin, we are waiting to see you again when you get back to Minnesota; and, Matt, we hope to see you again real soon. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
6). Thursday, 18th October 2007, 19:40 (EST), Buchen Sage, a journalist-reviewer, Canada
great reading, couldn´t put it down!
You are in the river stroking for your life, clean water, friendship, peace & another world record. Feel agony & joy. HEAR the cry of the jaguar, smell the fear, dodge pirates, drug runners, crocs, anaconda, & vampire bats. The piranha tear at the wetsuit. Parasites of all kinds invade.
5). Thursday, 18th October 2007, 14:33 (EST), Melissa, USA-Wisconsin
Crazy Amazing!!!
Just finished the book and had to get on here immediately to find out if the movie had been released yet or not. So looking forward to the movie, but the book was amazing. I followed every day online during the expexdition, and then couldnt wait for the book. Simply fantastic, EVERYTHING. Martin there is no one word to describe you, so many come to mind, all good of course:) I am very excited now to have others read the book to share your experiences. I hope you are doing well and cant wait to hear of the next one, if there will be one. Gods blessings and peace to you all. Ohhh wondering where in Wisconsin Matthew is from, it was cool to have a huge part of the expedition, and the book being told from someone from my home state, Wisconsin, Where I was born, raised and am now raising my own family. May God be with you now and forever on all of your journies.
4). Saturday, 6th October 2007, 10:25 (EST), K. Masterson "KMM", USA
I absolutely could not put this book down. I read it all night. I think it is a true testament to what the human spirit can achieve. I truly believe this is one of the most amazing accomplishments in history. He did what I still have a hard time believing is possible. I think about my petty problems and they truly become non-existent when I think of what Martin did. I do long distance swimming and have a small idea of the pain and suffering he must have endured. If you have to ask "why" then this book will explain it. It was one of the most motivating books I have ever read.
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