Amazon Swim 2007
Martin wants to conquer one more, larger river, and probably the largest river in the world, the mighty Amazon. In February 2007 he is going back in the water. This time the goal will be to reach 3,393 miles of the Amazon river from Peru to the Atlantic ocean.
Even though Martin is the greatest long distance swimmer in the world, the Amazon river is going to be a challenge.

At least 70 days of struggling on the river, countless unkown dangers, possible floods,  hot sun, numerous diseases and many many more. Does it sound impossible? That is exactly what Martin Strel is going to do. Will he do it?

Nobody knows the answer yet. Stay tuned, and you will get an answer in April 2007. The start is scheduled for Feb 1, 2007 in Atalaya, Peru, and the finish on Apr 11, 2007 in Belem, Brazil.

Below are some photos from Martin’s first Amazon visit in July 2005.

Swimming schedule - Amazon Swim 2007 (51.54kb)
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