Martin is Stranded
As of 10:00 pm, the Cassiquiari was heading downstream from Manaus at full speed, not having had any radio contact with Martin for the last eight hours.
While the team boat was being refueled and getting a few last second repairs, government officials delayed the boat to leave town due to paperwork clearance issues. Martin had left town in the morning, expecting the rest of the team to catch up to him by early afternoon for lunch. We’re not sure where exactly Martin has found shelter for the night and what he’s found for food, we just hope that some villagers in the remote area he was swimming were kind to him, and offered some sort of assistance. We project him to be approximately 85 km from Manaus, and we’re currently slowly heading downstream, scanning the shoreline with a spotlight and desperately trying to make radio contact with him, hoping the batteries on their radio haven’t gone dead yet from trying unsuccessfully to find us all day.

>>Matthew Mohlke, photo: Corrado Filipponi

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Wednesday, 19. June 2024
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