Pirate Attack
The Anori Police boarded the Cassiquari at approximately 4:00 pm Manaus time after receiving an SOS call from a large boat that had been attacked by a band of river pirates.
The Cassiquari was drifting near Martin and the escort boat, and had no idea what the police were talking about; they were even hesitant to allow the police onboard until their identities were confirmed. A similar boat in the immediate vicinity had sent out the SOS after coming under assault in broad daylight. Martin and the escort boat recalled seeing the other boat drifting along the opposite bank a few kilometers earlier, but did not see anyone aboard.

River pirates on the Amazon River are professionals. They have faster boats, better guns, and more modern equipment than the police, and sometimes pose as the police in order to surprise their victims. We pulled Martin out of the river an hour earlier than usual after hearing of the incident. He covered 97 km yesterday, and 84 today. We are currently anchored in a safe location near the city of Anori. Martin expects to arrive in Manacaporu on Monday afternoon.

>>Matthew Mohlke, photo: Corrado Filipponi

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Wednesday, 19. June 2024
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