Floating Infirmary
When one person gets sick on a boat, everyone usually gets sick.
A portion of the team has been quarantined to the confinement of their rooms as a wave of illness has plagued the group ranging in severity from the common cold to early stages of pneumonia. The goal of this precaution is to keep those infected away from Martin so as to ensure his health.

The doctor has been busy going from room to room to treat the sick and offer medicine and moral support. Martin is still healthy as an ox, and swam 92 km today, ending near sunset at the bustling port of Coari. Currently we are anchored near a floating barge of cattle. It takes three men to push them off into the river one at a time to where they are dragged by canoe to the butcher on the next floating raft. 

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Monday, 22. April 2024
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