Martin Strel swam the river Vltava
Slovenian extreme swimmer Martin Strel has completed the 364 km swim of the Czech river Vltava. He arrived in Melnik at 11 am local time on Thursday, 23 June after seven days of intense swimming.
Reaching the Czech capital Prague on Wednesday, 22 June Strel was joined by the mayor of Prague, Pavel Bem, in the cold water. In his 27-year professional career, Martin has taken on the world’s greatest rivers such as the Danube, Mississippi, Paraná, and Yangtze.

Swimming the Czech River Vltava is definitely not comparable with these long rivers. But breaking world records is not Martin’s only goal. Through his swimming he is also campaigning for cleaner rivers. By swimming the Vltava he says he also wants to strengthen the friendship between Czechs and Slovenians. 

After all, it fits his life motto: "I swim for peace, friendship and clean water."

Event sponsored by Strel Swimming Adventures.

Tuesday, 19. October 2021
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