Martin’s Super Slim Swim Plan
For all of you who’d like to lose weight fast, we have the perfect club for you to join. All you have to do is swim the Amazon River.
We guarantee you’ll lose 20 pounds in the first two weeks or die trying. The bear himself has visibly slimmed, losing 22 pounds in the first 13 days, dropping from 253 to 231 pounds. This is a much bigger drop than previous expeditions, but never has Martin been forced to endure such heat and direct sun for so many continuous days. Amazingly, we’ve yet to see rain during the peak hours of sunlight, only a quick shower during the evenings and early mornings. The heat and humidity is causing our bodies and electronic equipment to shut down, but we always find a way to get the latest news to you from our remote jungle location.

Martin fought his way through another 109 km, crawling onto shore near a muddy cut bank at the small settlement of Capitan Clavero. Erosion has recently caused the school to collapse into the river. The townspeople are discussing moving the entire village five kilometers upstream as the Amazon will eat the rest of the community soon.

>>Matthew Mohlke 

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Tuesday, 18. June 2024
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