The Malaria Zone
Martin has reminded the team to take their Malaria pills regularly as we are now entering an area with more active carriers of the epidemic.
Malaria is just one insect problem the team needs to consider. Small flies can impregnate our skin with microscopic eggs that might not hatch for months. Stomach parasites find a permanent home inside virtually all those who live here, and some of us may be unaware of other exotic souvenirs for years.

Martin was accompanied today by pink dolphins for a while. They treated him as a big friend and did not bother him at all. We will publish some cool video and photo material in next days. Another long sunny day was finished just before the town of Requena. Martin covered 110 km in 11 hours and half. 

Dr. Latifi performed a complete physical examination on Martin on February 12, 2007, as well as various clinical tests in the course of monitoring Martin’s physiological functions.

Martin underwent a cardiac ultrasound, an ultrasound of his liver, spleen, bladder, and kidneys. He had his O2 saturation measured in his blood, his blood glucose measured, an ECG taken, and his ears examined and cleaned of mud and debris.
Martin’s blood pressure is in high normal range with his hart rate in the range of 60-90 bpm.

In addition, Martin wears a heart rate monitor while he swims which allows for monitoring and analysis of changes in his heart rate during the ultra endurance performance.

>>Matthew Mohlke

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