Dancing with Ashaninkas
Martin was invited to attend a special ceremony among Ashaninkan chieftains. They have agreed to give him their blessing to swim through the Provincia of Ucayali.
The climax of the meeting occurred when an indigenous woman with a painted face offered a spirited song to pray to her God’s to offer Martin protection. At the end of the song she surprised all in attendance by taking Martin’s hand and having him join her in a ritual dance.

Training in the Amazon has given Martin a painful sunburn as he acclimates to the climate. Our support boat carrying supplies from Pucallpa was expected to arrive today, but we are having trouble making radio contact. Our last report indicated they were approximately 100 km downstream and may be struggling with some unpredictable river conditions. If the supplies do not arrive by tomorrow we will be forced to send another boat downriver to locate them. Martin is still expecting to begin the expedition Thursday morning. 

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Monday, 22. April 2024
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