In Maribor
On Saturday, June 24th, Martin continued with his strong will towards 2nd biggest city in Slovenia – Maribor. On the banks of the river were all the way many people cheering and encouraging Martin on his adventure. For the people, that live with the river every day, has Martin’s action, swimming for peace, friendship and clean waters, its special meaning. To them, Martin and the river are the one.
With the old tradition, Martin was christened on the raft and given home cooked lunch. In the past, people that worked on rafts were iron men, like Martin. The crowd admired his will and waved for goodbye. 

In the afternoon came by town Ruše, where many excited local people waited for him again. He stopped at some anchor, which stays on some special place. One of the most popular spots in the city of Maribor. The vice president of all the hydroelectric power stations, Mr. Danilo Šef, waited for Martin by the anchor and shaked his hand and wished him all the best.

Finish of the day was Maribor, especially Lent – which is the biggest summer festival in Slovenia. The atmosphere was amazing. Music was heard from the distance and many people waited for Martin. A boat, full of musicians, waited for Martin and leaded him to the stage, where some beautiful girls waited for him, and famous Slovenian model, Jurij Bradač.
Tuesday, 18. June 2024
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