Slovenia greeted Martin very kindly
After four days of swimming on the river Drava, Martin reached Slovenia. On the 5th day he started in Labotu and finished the day after 51 kilometers in Vuhred.
Mass receptions near the river were full of emotions. Few thousand people happily waited for Martin in Dravograd, Vuzenica, Muta and Vuhred, where they made nice and warm-hearted receptions.

All these events also honoured with the presence all the mayors of the cities, who organized a special surprise in Vuhred. On the river bank was brought a huge, construction lifting engine (hoist) – palfinger, which lifted Martin with the box from the river among the crowd of people.

The mayor of Radlje, Mr. Alan Bukovnik, was swimming together with Martin the distance between the Radlje and Vuhred. For the achievement the mayor was given Martin’s swimsuit as an award.

Tomorrow’s goal is Maribor. People are expecting Martin with the reception on the biggest summer festival in Slovenia called “LENT”.
Monday, 22. April 2024
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