Through 5 hydroelectric power stations
3rd day of the swimming on the river Drava Martin Strel was mostly struggling with many hydroelectric power plants and lakes. In spite of high water level, dams are still slowing the river down. Before every dam, the river brings down logs, pieces of wood, empty bottles and even at the moment very popular soccer balls.
Since 8.30 in the morning when Martin jumped in the water, that is still very cold (11˚C, 52F), till late nightfall he swam 65 kilometers, which was good enough to follow the schedule. Seven members of the team help Martin incessantly to get over all the obstacles on the river. 

Tomorrow Martin will try to reach the goal of the next day in a town Ruden. Certainly a major obstacle will be a very long and wide lake Volkermarkter Stausse.

Tuesday, 18. June 2024
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