The Drava river source
Today Martin Strel arrived with his team in Italian Toblach, where the river Drava takes its source. The whole crew with journalists took a close look of the river Drava’s spring (source) at 1300 meters height above the sea level.
Barely 11 degrees celsius cold, below the Dolomites, the river starts its 707 kilometers long way towards Danube. Inquestionable the Dolomites are one of the biggest sport – recreative center in this part of the Europe. Cycling, skydiving and hiking (walking) dominates here in the summer time, and snow activities in the winter. 

Preparations for tomorrow’s ’real’ start of swimming in a small town called Lienz started symbolically on the source, where the water lever is a little bit higher. Tomorrow at 9.30, well dressed, Martin Strel will jump in very cold river. He will be escorted by 2 kayakers and team on the land. Of coruse, we will be reporting on occuring...

Monday, 22. April 2024
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