Drava Swim 2006 Press conference
Martin Strel and his team presented the Drava swimming marathon today in Maribor, Slovenia. The swim will start on June 19 2006 in Italy and finished 450 kms downstream in the Croatian city of Varazdin on June 26 2006.
Martin will have to face with 18 Lock and Dams on the river which are one the most important energy source in Austria and Slovenia. The water temperature is supposed to be not more than 10-12 degress Celzius or 50-53 Fahrenheit, so Martin is going to be well equiped to keep his body temperature as normal as possible.

About the river Drava:

The Drava or Drave (German: Drau, Slovenian, Croatian and Italian: Drava, Hungarian: Dráva) is a river in southern Central Europe. It rises in South Tyrol, Italy and flows east through East Tyrol and Carinthia in Austria, into Slovenia (145 km), and then southeast, passing through Croatia and soon forming most of the border between Croatia and Hungary, before it joins the Danube near Osijek. It has a length of 707 km (439 mi).

The Drava flows through Lienz, Spittal an der Drau, Villach, Dieschitz and Ferlach in Austria, Dravograd, Vuzenica, Muta, Ruše, Maribor, Ptuj, and Ormož in Slovenia, Varaždin and Osijek in Croatia, and Barcs in Hungary. The Drava is navigable for about 90 km from Čađavica in Croatia to its outfall.

The main tributaries of the Drava are: the Gail in Austria, the Mislinja and Dravinja in Slovenia, and the Bednja in Croatia from the left; and the Gurk in Austria, and the Mur (near Legrad) in Croatia from the right.

Below are some photos from the press conference held in the Drava’s hydroelectric power station headquarters (DEM) in Maribor, Slovenia.

Swimming schedule - Drava Swim 2006 (21.83kb)
River Drava Map (100.56kb)
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