Drava Swim 2006
Martin Strel will swim 450 km of the total of 707 km of the Drava river to mark Slovenia’s 15 years of independence.
He is going start his marathon on 19 June at Drava’s spring in Italy’s Dobbiaco (Toblach) in South Tyrol. Strel is going to present the famous tourist sights and traditions in the four countries through which the river runs, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. 

The holder of numerous marathon swimming records, including the Danube river, the Mississippi river and the Yangtze, is to going to continue on to Austria through Lienz, Spittal, Ferlach and Ruden.

He is going to make a stop in Slovenia’s Maribor on 24 June, the eve of the day when Slovenia officially declared its independence. The finish of his Drava swim, sponsored by power company Dravske elektrarne Maribor, is supposed to be on 26 June in Croatia’s Varazdin.

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Tuesday, 19. October 2021
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