Breaking Guinness World Record
Everybody has dreamt about breaking one of the Guinness World Records. For most though this tends to be a childhood dream that gets lost among all of the others that don´t make it to adulthood. The dream is happy in its spot next to, ´grow ears like my rabbit´ and ´become a spaceman´.
Why should the ambition to break a record only be a dream though? It isn´t implausible if it is something small, or within your skill-set. In fact, so long as it isn´t stupidly life threatening, because you didn´t think it through properly, there is no reason why you can´t. Why shouldn´t you hold the record for the most games attempted on Or the most jelly beans eaten in one minute?

Here are the steps you take to achieving your record breaking dreams:

1) Think of something you are good at (e.g Martin Strel marathon swimming), or something that could be a record. You´ll have to do a little bit of research to see what the current world record for that activity is.

2) Get into a positive mindset. Ask yourself if it is feasible for you to beat the record. If so you then keep telling yourself that you will beat it up until the day of the attempt.

3) Train for it. Just because you did it once, doesn´t mean you´ll do it again. You can´t rely on fluke sadly.

4) Register your idea with

5) If and when your proposed idea is accepted, they will send a package of information to you about the protocol of the attempt etc. Make sure you follow it to the letter, or your record may not be accepted.

6) Then get out there and prove to everyone and yourself that you are a record breaker. If you succeed, then bravo. If you don´t, there is always next time.

Remember, nothing worth having comes easily to us.

Monday, 22. April 2024
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