Martin Strel inspires audiences on stage
If there is a man on our planet that does unique things, then here is Martin Strel aka Big River Man. He has devoted his life to swimming world´s greatest rivers and promoting an importance of clean waters and rainforests around the world.
He´s showed that the impossible can become possible. We will never know what one has to endure, mentally and physically, to swim hour after hours, day after day, month after month...But at least, we are happy to have Martin alive and to be able to tell his impossible story.

Today, Martin travels around the world and shares his incredable experiences by speaking to audiences from all walks of life. Audiences usually leave Martin with standing ovations.

For his speaking tour agenda stay tuned at our website.

Martin is currently based in the USA and occasionally travels internationally. He still swims more less every day and keeps himself in a good shape.

To follow Martin´s activities join his Facebook and Twitter pages.
Strel Swimming Adventure Holiday.

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Photo courtesy:
- Water shots: Borut Peterlin
- St.Cloud, MN University: Michael Patrick

Monday, 22. April 2024
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