The Great Walk to Beijing
The Great Walk to Beijing - A million steps in the fight against cancer.
Martin Strel is joining Olivia Newton John and other international celebrities to raise funds for the new world-class Cancer Centre in Australia. Participants will be walking from April 7 to April 29 along the Great Wall of China. The 228 kilometer long trek will take them up 40 degree gradients, over mountain rangers and through the dust storms of the Gobi Desert. Martin’s training regiment has included special preparations for this particular challenge. When the event begins, sponsors and fans will be able to experience The Great Walk through Yahoo 7 and our worldwide media partners.

Olivia Newton-John is a breast cancer survivor who decided to create a global event to raise funds in order to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families - present and future.

Martin was personally invited by Olivia, and he joined the walk with a simple reason: to help in the battle against cancer. Having swum the length of many of the greatest rivers of the world, the veins of the continents, he has an intimate knowledge of the dangers of these waters. Chemicals and other pollutants in rivers often are the initiators of cancer. Martin is very keenly honoured to be part of this campaign.

Martin and Olivia became acquainted through Olivia’s role as executive producer of Martin’s upcoming feature-length documentary, Big River Man.

All of us know that sooner or later each of us can be touched by cancer, and this is a perfect opportunity for you to help significantly. We encourage all our fans and others to support Martin and other walkers by sponsoring them over the following website.

The Great Walk to Beijing Website.

Sponsor steps and help change the way cancer is treated throughout the world...Thanks and stay tuned in April!

Monday, 22. April 2024
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