Inspirational song about Amazon Swim
Nathan Wilson from Canada was inspired by Martin´s trek and the symbolism of submitting something greater than ourselves and he decided to write and produce a song called River´s Flow. We´re now sharing it with you.

River’s Flow © Nathan Wilson, 2007.
Written and recorded by Nathan Wilson


He said I’m spinning like a whirlwind on a dusty plain,
Unsettled and untied,
It seems there’s ten thousand things that got a hold on me,
And something don’t feel right,

He’s lost in the river now,
He just feels the flow,
Washing away as it slips aside,
It knows where to go,
The flow,

He’s lost in the river now
The power and the flow,
In perfect time with the earth and sky,
It knows where to go,
The flow,

He always climbs into the river in the early morning,
A hue filters the light,
He said the ten thousand things become a part of you,
As day drifts into night.


Capo on 5th fret
Verse: Am, C, G
Chorus: F, Am, Em; F, Em, G
Bridge: C, Em

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Tuesday, 18. June 2024
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