Corinth Canal Swim
Martin Strel has been swimming for years under his motto: swimming for peace, friendship and clean waters. His unique challenges are an inspiration to many people around the world. His latest swim occurred on July 15, 2008 when he swam the Corinth Canal in Greece. This famous stretch of water connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Aegean Sea and also separates the Peloponnese Peninsula from the Greek mainland. Corinth was built in 19th century by thousands of prisoners. Many of them did not survive.
Martin´s goal is to raise awareness for the environment and demonstrate the importance of clean waters in that area, as well as throughout the world. Green, unpolluted environment and natural water resources are our future gold and Martin wants to share his mission to other nations and generations by taking action now.

Last year, massive fires across Greece turned the Peloponnese Peninsula into a black destruction and Martin is responding to that tragedy by spreading his environmental message and teaching younger generations about the importance of keeping this land and its forests alive. 

Martin joined many local youths in planting several new trees, using ecological minerals for watering. The environmental campaign is jointly organized by the country of Greece and Planet of Health Company, and will continue in October this year.

Event was sponsored by Strel Swimming Adventures.
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Video from the event:

Wednesday, 19. June 2024
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