Amazon River is conquered!
After 3,272 miles (5268 km) and 66 days of exhaustion, sunburn, delirium and piranhas, Slovenian Martin Strel successfully completed a swim down the Amazon River. Strel´s Amazon swim will be the fourth time Strel has broken the Guinness record for long-distance swimming.
On the 67th day Martin swam extra 6 miles to the city of Belem, the capital of the jungle state of Para.

He lost a total of 34 pounds during the swim, his heart rate and blood pressure were abnormal at arrival to Belem.

Martin is now recovering day by day and has spent the last ten days mostly resting in his hotel room and meeting some journalists.

Most of the team will be leaving Brazil today and heading to Los Angeles, California.

Now we are starting the project “Amazon after Amazon.” We will keep posting news on this site frequently.

Tuesday, 18. June 2024
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